“Direction is more important than speed. Speed doesn’t take you anywhere but to get more clarity in your goals, take a step in the direction of the destination.”

Before finalizing your destination, make sure you have chosen the wise direction and right destination. If your direction is accurate, you will never b lost.

MCI Screening Coaching has nowadays become a prerequisite for FMGE preparation. Best FMGE Coaching Centre is the one, which guides you properly & does everything for you to clear your exam.

FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is the first coaching institute in INDIA to refurbish itself to the new MCI Curriculum as per the latest pattern. FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is also the first one to assimilate any change in the new MCI MBBS syllabus.

For 6 years, FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE has been serving as the best institute for classroom teachings along with the best online platform for the aspirants who have aim and have pioneered the concept of clearing the MCI Exam Preparation.

Under one roof of FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE, the whole MCI curriculum is segregated into small modules which includes-

  • Short informative lectures that are non-boring.
  • Detailed as well as precise notes
  • MCQs based on brainstorming sessions
  • Subject-wise tests.
  • Query discussion classes
  • Grand tests.

You can avail all these facilities either from the classroom teachings or through the app available on your play store.

You can easily crack the MCI screening exam in the first attempt by merely studying for around 40 minutes daily through FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE.

What makes FMGESI the best MCI coaching institute..????

  • FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE has accomplished 7 years of excellence for providing the best results as breaking records with 100% success rates.
  • The highly qualified faculty which are having several years of teaching experience put their heart while explaining any topic.
  • The esteemed faculty is always delivering concept-based teachings along with an in-depth focus on the latest pattern of examination.
  • Dedicated mentors primarily focus on micro-planning of your study by scheduling time for the classes and days devoted to a particular subject.
  • At FMGE Solutions Institute, every lecture is subsequently followed by Doubt Clearing Discussion Sessions and Series Of Tests.

Comparison with Other Institutes: –

All the aspiring students mainly join coaching institutes because of HERD MENTALITY and societal expectations. This herd mentality has been entrenched by several coaching institutes which have developed a mindset of students that if they are not going for any coaching, they won’t have a successful future ahead.

  • And through their advertisement, they portray their classical sales pitching for the students which attract the students to join the institute.
  • Nowadays, the main agenda of coaching institutes is sheer profiteering and no balance between business and education is maintained due to the greediness of becoming first on the google list.
  • Institutes are just selling false aspirations and dreams to students leaving them broken and at the cost of their career.

Teaching methodology…….

  • Mainly, the institutes are focusing on “ROTE LEARNING” and “PRACTICE TESTS” and the concept of fundamental / core learning, concept building is just being ignored.
  • Students are being restricted to a closed framework of teaching system based on past exam papers where they can not think out of the box and learn with an open mind.
  • In the institutes, students just rely on the atrocious methodology of study techniques because of which they skip the important subjects that need to be studied.

Flabbergasting Juncture….

Some fake and false coaching institutes are delivering poor education to students, crushing down their dreams, eagerness, and career opportunities.

The aim of institutes should be to provide the best to the aspiring students rather than stockpiling the bugs.


  • FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE has achieved almost 100% results only because of continuous hard work, determination, and full dedication of not only the aspiring students but also by our astute faculty doctors.
  • FMGE SOLUTIONS is not only the institute, rather FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is a COMPANION of aspiring students that awakes before its students wake up and sleep after the students are satisfied with their queries.
  • Best coaching institute that gives you multiple advantages, classroom teachings, online coaching, according to your comfort.
  • The packages of study material are even cost-efficient which you can avail without any hesitation.
  • The FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE always promises to give updated notes, best teaching techniques, mnemonics for tougher points, and flowcharts and tables for making concepts easy.

These features have made FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE the number one institute for FMGE in Delhi. Its excellence has made it the best choice for getting trained for the MCI Exam where the trained faculty strives to provide best-in-class coaching to the aspirants.

  • FMGE COACHING INSTITUTE has always aimed for building trust in the aspiring students, fostering a psychologically safe place in which the students can discuss doubtful topics, and creating a productive student-teacher relationship, which is true of significance for successful collaboration with students.
  • Their role is to offer the students independent support and opportunities to explore their thoughts which will have a great impact on their career.


  • Concentration plays a very important role while studying. Hence, a de-cluttered environment and clean study table increase your ability to focus well on your studies.
  • You can also put some inspirational posters on the wall in front of your table.
  • Always cramming doesn’t work so it is
  • Always cramming doesn’t work so all aspirants need to transfer the information from short-term memory to long-term memory.
  • Learning along with understanding the concepts reduces stress, anxiety and helps in the improvement of your performance.
  • Test yourself from time to time by giving mock and grand tests.

Without wasting a second, step forward in the right direction and reach your destination to achieve your goal.

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