T and D batch by Dr Marwah | 5 Most Important Reason to Join this Super Program

The modernization and digitalization of modes of imparting education have influenced more or less in every field, be it Engineering, Honors or even our very own Medical itself. In these testing times of the pandemic, the shift of culture from offline classroom method of education to digital classroom education has been a lifesaver for the […]

Difference Between Heart Attack & Cardiac Arrest?

Heart attack is a plumbing issue where the main coronary circulation is affected. The ECG finding seen is ST elevation. Main treatment is percutaneous coronary intervention where a balloon is used to dislodge the thrombus in coronary artery. Cardiac arrest is an electrical issue where the pacemaker of heart is malfunctioning. The ECG finding seen […]


“Direction is more important than speed. Speed doesn’t take you anywhere but to get more clarity in your goals, take a step in the direction of the destination.” Before finalizing your destination, make sure you have chosen the wise direction and right destination. If your direction is accurate, you will never b lost. MCI Screening […]