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The modernization and digitalization of modes of imparting education have influenced more or less in every field, be it Engineering, Honors or even our very own Medical itself. In these testing times of the pandemic, the shift of culture from offline classroom method of education to digital classroom education has been a lifesaver for the student community.

As a Medical student, during this pandemic, you got the time to rethink your opportunities, goals and desires for your future and take appropriate actions for the same. Now be it preparations for some NMC based test or the FMGE, the materials for education are just at our fingertips on various online education platforms.

Among the humongous stress due to the syllabus (19 subjects) for the entire medical journey, the need for a guide to show the best way to grasp the subject and the profession is monumental.

With this purpose of providing standard and quality education in the field, we have one of the best teachers in the line, Dr Marwah who has been tirelessly being giving to the profession by teaching new individuals in the line how to actually view the subjects.

Dr Marwah himself is a pass out of Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and has been a teacher for thousands of medicos for over 15 years. His experience in the field and his desire to get the best out of his students led to the establishment of various educational tools one of which is the Tests and Discussions with Dr Marwah.

This tool has turned out to be a blessing for especially those students who are aspiring to crack the postgraduate exam under the NMC or the FMGE itself.

These clinical approach based test and discussions are so at par with the standards of education that is being promoted in the health sector. Thus being a part of these sessions helps you approach the profession with a different outlook and perspective. Thus without any further delay, let’s understand the reason(s) why I am stressing on this sessions by Dr Marwah and what they do to your way of thinking as a doctor.

Major Reasons

  • As we all know that the total bulk of the subjects in our undergrad degree is huge and so is the variety of topics available. Here in the test series by Dr Marwah the question sets are prepared by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable doctors, medical teachers and other professionals who bring up the most important and relevant aspects of a huge variety of topics.
  • This helps us to get a better grip of the topics individually as well as get an integrated idea of the various topics. Moreover, new questions are constantly created, researched on and updated by the experts for the students to stay sharp even in day to day life when no special classes are being held and this helps them stay in regular practice of problem-solving.
  • The questions set up and provided to the students here are at par with the new standards of education being currently implemented in the medical curriculum and thus beneficial for students who are aspiring to crack the postgraduate entrance or the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination.
  • What this implies is that the shift of priority in today’s medical education system from a more conservative bookish knowledge system to a rather new mindset of inculcating clinical approach is well kept in mind while setting up the questions.
  • The questions are designed like an actual patient case where you approach it as a real person and thus diagnose the disease. Thus the clinical outlook and approach are promoted as the priority.

Coming to the next aspect of these sessions now, it’s important to mention the availability of tests based on individual subjects:

  • The importance of it is that it helps you assess your preparation on a particular subject and lets you know how much more preparation needs to be put in. This also helps in the development of an interest in putting in the time to study subjects individually as well.

Moving on to the question set discussion sessions-

All of you already are aware of the importance of the question set discussion sessions since they are conducted by Dr Marwah himself.

These sessions’ boundaries are far beyond just solving questions and moving on.

These sessions are like an investigation series where we all are the detectives trying to work over the clues in the patients’ condition and trying to figure out a diagnosis for the condition and thus sorting the question.

  • In these sessions, each question that appears is dissected and related topics are understood in depth thus leaving a long-lasting impression on your mind.
  • These sessions are all about creating a perspective, an idea or an approach about how to interpret each question as a unique case, as an individual patient.
  • Then with the same approach, we are taught to pick up the necessary and trim off the unnecessary.
  • This means that the essential keywords are to be emphasized while shutting off all other irrelevant information.

All these methods are formulated and practiced in these discussion sessions and a lot of priority is given to keeping the students enthusiastic and motivated about the subjects.

The end goal of the entire process is to make medical students ready for the challenges of facing actual patients in real life while preparing them for one and all competitive examinations as well.

  • The last but a very important aspect of this set up is the All India test equivalent nature of the test series here-

This means that the students can assess their preparation in respect to others who are their actual competition, this giving a reality check.

This is a pretty valuable aspect since staying updated and informed about your and people around you preparing for the same exams as you, helps in providing a motivation and urgency to get yourself better educated with the necessary information and skills.

Thus summing up the article, we can safely conclude that these test and discussion sessions by Dr. Marwah are a boon to many medical students and in time, the crisp and to the point way of teaching of Dr. Marwah is sure to be helpful to many more to come.

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