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 FMG Exam is conducted twice a year and despite multiple resources available most people end up with lack of revision. This blog by best fmg exam institute of India led by Dr Marwah will help you ace this exam with flying color. Just invest 3 minutes into reading this and you will have more insight into what the best source and best methodology for is preparing for FMG Examination. Let’s dive into the specifics now.

Fmg Exam Solution Number 1

  Most people use resources that are too bulky and lack precision. They think that they are doing deep study but are simply wasting time. Youmust learn to filter the noise. This explains why FMG solutions book 7th edition is the best bet to crack this exam. It gives precise information. Let’s take anatomy. You will have options to select multiple teachers, and most are good at cracking jokes while other just show images. You need balance and seriousness of Dr Rajesh Kaushal videos of prep ladder to achieve this. 500 MCQ of anatomy in FMG solutions book provide you the exact amount of knowledge to crack the exam. Read the explanation of each MCQ twice to understand why a particular choice has been selected. Coming to physiology the segments which is most important is endocrine, respiratory system and renal system. Students waste so much of time in nerve and muscle physiology that when it comes to these core topics they neglect them and questions are left behind. In biochemistry people waste time on carbohydrate metabolism while what matters for actual examination is nucleic acid metabolism.  So if you want to know more such information about what to read and how to read continue reading this blog and keep taking notes as six must do points. Our objective is to improve pass percentage of FMG exam from 20% to 100%.  The exam is very simple and are 6months preparation sufficient to crack this exam. Then the answer is yes. It just requires proper guidance and dedication.

Fmg Exam Solution Number 2

Use the FMG section of prep ladder app to complete the entire content once. Then do questions from FMG solutions book 7th edition of each subject. First time when you do questions do not try to solve them but simply read the explanation and highlight the summary of each of these with a marker. Most people when they do question the first time they get exhausted as questions are tricky in actual exam and they leave the book partially read. PERSIST And ensure that you do all the questions of each subject by quick reading.  Now comes the most important part which is second reading of all questions. You will realize that since you have already read the explanations the answers will come easily. But don’t be satisfied by only answering them correctly but also rule out other options. The most important skill for clearing FMG exam is exclusion capability.

Fmg Exam Solution Number 3

Quick reading means that you have to keep your distractions away. Keep your cell phone away when you are studying and keep a target of reading 10 questions per hour in first read, 20 questions per hour in second reading. When you put pressure on your brain to read more and more for long hours and time you will be able to notice marked improvement in your performance by end of next month. The main take home from this solution is to restrict your usage of social media apps each day. Try to reduce the number of hours you spend on social media daily till you reach about usage of 1 hour combined of all social media apps. This way you won’t be left behind when it comes to trends.

Fmg exam solution number 4

Paper I is make or break and you must secure at least 100 marks in this paper to improve your chances to get to 180 plus mark. The most important subjects of paper 1 are Pharmacology, pathology , PSM . You can easily get upto 60 to 70 marks from these three subjects easily. So Pharma by Dr Gobind rai garg, Pathology by Dr Sparsh Gupta and SPM by Dr Vivek Jain is gold standard. You can do from other teachers also but your career is highly important and hence why to select second best when the top most content is available in your phone.  These guys have made even the most complicated subjects so easy to solve and crack that you will enjoy the process of learning.  The main advantage of prepladder is anytime anywhere you have the best content access. In fact teachers of other academies watch videos of these legends to teach you in there class.

Fmg Exam Solution Number 5

Paper II is about general medicine, pediatrics, surgery and OBGY. The most important of all of these is medicine and surgery. If you are good in these two subjects, you will be good in other subjects as well. So devote at least 30% of entire preparation time to these two subjects.  Your scores in paper II will skyrocket and you will be able to focus on other subjects as well. In medicine the important topics are Cardiovascular system, Neurology and Endocrine system. These form the bulk of hospital admissions and when you will do private practice then the knowledge of these subjects will also help you further. In surgery the important topics are burns, trauma especially pneumothorax, GIT surgery starting from colorectal cancer and work backwards. In General surgery AV disorders and Glasgow coma scale is always asked. In earlier days the examiner was happy asking about extradural and subdural hemorrhage, but now subarachnoid hemorrhage and intraventricular hemorrhage is asked extensively. Visit this link for getting free videos for fmg examination Fmg Exam Solution Number 6 Watch a lots of average topper videos on You channel of Dr Marwah Live. The channel itself is full of free super high yield content that will help you understand how to crack MCQ with exclusion. Since in actual examination questions are easy but options are tricky , by watching those videos you will be able to understand how to rule out mcq options like boss.

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