Time is short and syllabus is vast. So, you have to focus on high yield topics from all the 19 subjects to clear this exam with flying colors. Welcome to best coaching for FMG exam under guidance of Dr Marwah where you get the best content in concise easy to remember format. Today I will guide you on 5 tips to ace paper 1 of FMG examination with confidence like a boss.

Step 1 to clear FMG exam

Finishing anatomy is a humungous task and most people neglect the subject. By reading upper and lower limb anatomy they are mentally exhausted and are not able to finish the task at hand. So open FMGE SOLUTIONS 7th edition book and start reading explanation of first 50 MCQ. Whether you love anatomy or hate anatomy after going through these 50 explanations you will understand that it is not rote learning of anatomy but ability to exclude options with logic that matters. You can complete full anatomy from FMGE solutions book in 10 days @50 MCQ explanations per day. This is because we not only teach why a particular option is an answer to a particular question but also teach about the remaining three options. Anyways the most important topics of anatomy are abdomen, pelvis and head and neck anatomy. Embryology of GIT and genitourinary system is hardy 2 tables but a question is expected from each of these tables. Example he can ask you derivatives of mesonephric duct vs paramesonephric duct in an except pattern

Step 2 to clear FMGE/NEXT exam

In biochemistry everyone starts with carbohydrate metabolism but by the time we reach nucleic acid metabolism energy levels are low. Start retro in biochemistry with protein and nucleic acid metabolism. Again, use FMGE Solutions 7th edition book to gain traction by solving high yield PYQ given in the book. Physiology starts with Renal system and respiratory system instead of nerve muscle physiology. Cram up each receptor for each hormone. Example insulin receptor has alpha and beta subunits and is linked to tyrosine kinase activity. Thyroid hormones are derived from tyrosine.  These facts in physiology are to be remembered and it takes time to get used to them. In fact if you are good in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology you will be able to handle the pressure of first hour of FMG Exam very well.

Step 3 to pass FMGE/MCI Screening examination

Pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology will constitute chunk of second hour of examination. The best way to read pathology is to read notes of Dr Sparsh Gupta which are cover some aspects of pharmacology and medicine as well. He is the best pathology faculty of India and his tips and tricks to remember information will help you score high in the examination. Pharmacology is found tough by most people as they start with Autonomic nervous system which is the toughest of all topics in pharmacology. Start with anti-microbials and thank me later for the tip. It will not only solve a chunk of pharmacology questions of FMG examination but also medicine-based questions where Drug of choice is asked, and close options are given. Based on safety profile of drug your answer can be given. In microbiology parasitology and mycology is extensively asked now days. So focus on those topics and make a fortune in scoring. They love to ask about heaviest helminthic egg to Cryptococcal meningitis. Recently for Cryptococcal meningitis Lateral flow assay test was asked. The advantage of this test is that we can not only do it on CSF sample but even on Blood sample. The cryptococcus neoformans fungus after all enters in CSF via blood only. Another favorite is cryptosporidium parvum which results in diarrhea in AIDS positive patients. In-fact I can say that opportunistic infections in AIDS Positive patients is a gold mine of MCQ for FMG aspirants as the details are limited and Drug used for management being commonly asked. I suggest investing at least 30 days to cover these three subjects.

Step 4 to clear FMGE Dec 2022 examination

Congrats if you have been reading the above points as most candidates are misguided by their coaching to bypass these and focus on minor subjects. Those claim that they cleared the exam by reading only 12 subjects are liars. They have been regularly studying in college and in the end have studied those 12 again for second or third time to get to those scores. So wake up to the reality and start focusing on SPM And Forensic medicine. These two subjects can be covered in 10 days easily. I have given more days for SPM 7 approximately as understanding epidemiology and biostatistics takes time. Even the topic of nutrition takes time to understand and remember though it looks very easy and simple. The most rewarding topic in PSM is however National health programs. Learn the objective and targets and you will be able to score good in this subject. In forensic medicine toxicology is the neglected part and should be focused upon instead of IPC. Similarly topics like ante mortem vs post mortem drowning, Hanging vs strangulation are widely asked topics and must be studied well. Most people are able to score atleast 30 correct out of 35 in SPM and 4 out of 5 in Forensic medicine correctly after two reads of the same subjects from notes and FMGE Solutions book

Step 5

No subject is minor or major. Implementation of these steps is step 5 for you now. Make a list of topics from the book and subtle hints that I have mentioned in this blog. Keep reading this space for part 2 where I will speak about approach to paper 2 of MCI screening examination. You have done yourself a favor by reading this article and will be on the road to recovery by clearing the MCI Screening test with good marks. Make your parents and self-proud of these achievements. 

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