Regular face to face course

This regular batch face to face course is under guidance of Dr Marwah and will help you understand everything from basics to high yield information of all 19 subjects of medical curriculum. The faculty is top notch and content is top notch. Join now to assure your success in this program me.

The FMG exam has now become clinical oriented. So under the guidance of a clinician, you can easily understand those high yield concepts easily and crack the questions in shortest possible time frame. The most important part of this program is regular guidance sessions by Dr marwah which will motivate you to work harder and exceed your previous result value

To be honest Indian examination system is cruel and there is one mark separating the word fail or pass. That one mark means the candidate needs to have mental strength of steel cable to get going when the going gets tough

In the last half an hour examination the fate of candidate is sealed. Most give up but we teach you how to fight till the last MCQ is solved. No premature depression or premature celebrations. Take your time and be rational in approaching each MCQ with mindset of winner. Keep hammering is out motto and we will not stop before you win by learning from best next exam coaching in Delhi.