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When your goal is set, your destination is set, it is easier to hold out. You can easily locate your pot of gold as it is in close proximity to near Gujjar Dairy Metro Station of Green Park at the Gautam Nagar Road. The easy watersheds make it quite effortless to locate the destination and the first-time visitors are even comfortable in reaching the institute.

It is a facile task to jaunt this institute as there are various modes of transport readily available.



Student Stories

1.) MEIGUI CHANU writes “ It was nice experience learning with Dr. Deepak Marwah sir and Dr. Siraj sir. All faculty members are very helpful. I gained so much knowledge after joining DMT Test and Discussion. I am so thankful to all the faculty members for guiding and motivating me in this difficult time. Especially Dr. Deepak Marwah sir. I loved his teaching style. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.”

2.) SWATI MISHRA writes “ In coaching my mind was trained how to adjust and cope up in difficult situations like when you don’t get. Questions some time maybe 5 or 10 bits bouncers just not to lose hope to think efficiently… the topics we prepared in class 1 could see those topics in exams; every time I give my test single question each mistake was with something or other new information which I had to add to my notes every minute I was learning. So thanks to Dr. Marwah sir and FMGE Solutions, the tables, the flowcharts were helpful to me. Thanks to FMGE Solutions.”

3.) BHUPENDRA SINGH writes “ Guys, if you really want an effective way of learning, join there. It worked for me. You will see the improvement in yourself, your thoughts about the toughest subject – medicine will change believe me. All thanks to sir Deepak Marwah and sir Siraj Ahmed. Thank you.”

4.) NISHA NTHIKA writes “ I personally felt it is the better platform to develop MCO solving skills. Our faculties are very supportive to be clear about every concept and train us to face clinical vignette questions in very specific methods and are very grateful about that. Thank you DM sir and Siraj Ahmed sir. Thank you FMGE Solutions.”

5.) SAHITHI NAIK rites Thank you so much sir @Dr. Deepak Marwah , Dr. Siraj Ahmed. It was really the best experience with the FMGE Solutions team.. TnD was really helpful for me.

6.) Dr. Syed Hanzala writes Thanks for the motivation and support by Dr. Marwah sir and dr Siraj sir when I needed it the most. I would say the best faculty.

7.) IMTIAZ UL ISLAM writes One of the finest faculty.. specially Marwah sir / Siraj sir is of another level… a great initiative by these two mentors and they deliver their best to the students.. thank you FMGE Solutions Institute.

8.) NIKUNJ CHOVATIYA writes T n D is very helpful for me in august 2020 and I know sir told us that you give our 6 months to me, I will give success and that what I did in these 6-8 months and finally I got success.

9.) NICKY GHUMAN writes I had joined the test and discussion batch for Dec 2019 and it was surely of immense help. I managed to clear my exam on my first attempt. Dr. Marwah has been contributing to the success of FMGE aspirants and has definitely contributed to mine too.

10.) ABHIJIT GHOSH writes The best guidance a foreign medical graduate can get to get through the exam with flying colors. Thank you FMGE Solutions for helping me in clearing the exam. I am very thankful to Marwah sir and his team.

11.) RATNA SRIVASTAVA writes Hello sir, this institute is one of the pioneer coaching centers for FMG students and provides the students endless opportunities to learn and prepare for FMGE. Test and discussions batch is an excellent batch. All MCQ and discussion are very helpful to solving the paper. FMGE Solutions and team if have to put someone on a pedestal put teachers – they are real heroes. thanks a lot, dr. Deepak Marwah sir. Indeed, it has enabled students to come out with flying colors. Cant thank you enough for all the possible help that you provide to the FMG student to overcome this barricade. Thank you so much, sir.

12.) ARNAB KUNDU writes One of the premier institutes headed by the one and only dr Deepak Marwah and dr Siraj Ahmed.. the test and discussion session they provide give an idea and prepare us for the FMG in a real-time situation. When you follow their schedule for the test and discussion automatically syllabus is completed beforehand and you get time for revision. They boost up the confidence of the students and also provide personal learning strategies. The best facility is they provide solutions to every single doubt no matter how big or small.

13.) SAURABH KAUSHIK writes Best institute for FMGE preparation and test and discussion. Especially the test and discussion session was brainstorming and very helpful. Heartly thanks to Deepak Marwah sir. Grateful to be a part of FMGE SOLUTIONS. Thank you.

14.) VINOD YADAV writes Thank you so much Marwah sir for your support and motivation it helped me a lot to clear my exam. Thanks a lot, sir.

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