We are always afraid of changes in our life whether the change is easy or the change is hard. So, we must look forward to positive change and face our problems so that they become easier for us to conquer.

Let us talk about some changes in our lives:-


  • I want to learn new techniques of studying.
  • I have found a method of learning things.
  • I will practice it thoroughly
  • I am improving day by day
  • I am pushing myself to work harder.


  • I am not able to understand new techniques
  • I am hardly making any progress
  • I am not able to clear my doubts
  • I just want to quit.

The time comes when we all get scared of the results and want to turn away, and if we do not change our direction, we might end up where we are heading.

But it is not always STRENGTH that makes us stay in the situation; STRENGTH IS – MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION TO CHANGE OUR DESTINY.

And many aspiring doctors who were so desperate to clear the MCI EXAM came up with the decision of choosing FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE and ended up closing their nightmare and clearing their MCI EXAMS.

Our students did something unbelievable! Even those students who were not in the reach of securing the qualifying marks, not only qualified for the MCI EXAM but also topped in the same.

Just thinking how they were able to make it? Let me just introduce you to the courses FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE IS OFFERING YOU and HOW YOU CAN ALSO BE A TOPPER –


These are our regular classroom classes and the adrenaline-rush of sitting in our highly competitive atmosphere of the institute is definitely going to make you all work harder to come close to the finish line in the first attempt itself.

The duration of these regular classes is approximately 75 – 80 days, in which all the important subjects are covered in the fast track mode. In the classroom teachings, all the relevant information regarding all 19 subjects is provided.

All the teachings methods follow the latest clinical patterns which is now a day a trend of questions being asked in the examination.

If you ever miss your lectures, there is no need to worry. FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is right in your hands in your play store. From where you can download and use the app for not only giving tests but also for listening to lectures also.


As I have introduced you to the FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE APP, this is the easiest and best way to interact with the faculty while you are safe at your places in this era of social distancing.

You can easily sit at your home, download the app, and get started. This is an initiative by the institute to relay directly into your mobiles so that you can study with the same adrenaline rush as sitting in the live classroom.

And many students have taken the benefit of online classes and have cleared their MCI EXAM.


FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE includes all the renowned doctors who were successfully running their clinics or were working in reputed hospitals.

These doctors have just left their practicing careers just to teach you the theory with the clinical aspect for clinically oriented examination.

Through their better teaching techniques, mnemonics, diagrams, flowcharts, studying no longer seems to be a burden, rather studying becomes fun when teachers are themselves cool.


Our bestseller book FMGE SOLUTIONS and notes made by our esteemed faculty have made many aspirants reach their prestigious plus score in MCI Examination.

All the precise notes, all mnemonics, new teaching techniques make studying and recalling things very easier and simpler.

The more the lessons will be easy to understand and learn, the more the chances of achieving your dreams are fulfilled.


The discussion classes and test series are highly beneficial for those who have already attended the coaching lectures and now want to clear their doubts and want to practice their question-solving skills.

Our talented faculty and aspiring students both actively participate in discussion sessions clearing all their doubts and then practicing well all the practice papers.


Mock tests of our institute are considered GOLD STANDARD for MCI EXAM. Most all the students attain approximately the same scores in the actual exam.

But those who have already done the die-hard practice of MCQ’S will be easily able to crack the exam.


Our institute not only focuses on teaching and motivating students, but also boosts them up by conducting scholarship tests for the meritorious students.

In this way, students stay motivated and eager to do their best from the rest.


FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE helps you to make yourself comfortable for studying all 19 subjects by providing you with the study plans according to your needs. Our institute provides you with easy timetable schedules with which you can easily cover up your syllabus and make it through the MCI EXAM.


Let us hear what does our toppers say about FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE.

1) Dr. Ashutosh Sinha, UKRAINE, BSMU

As all aspiring students do, even I did the same. I searched up with all the study books, notes, institutes but nothing was satisfying. Inspite of increasing my grades, I every time ended up with a very less score. But eventually, when I came across the FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE, it seemed as if all my problems were easily solved.
I joined the regular classroom teachings where all 19 subjects were so easily distributed in such a manner that I never felt bored while studying them.
Under the guidance of the highly talented faculty teachers, I distributed my subjects according to clinical, non-clinical, and short and long subjects, and also along with the proper management of days divided for each subject; the subject revisions were also an easy task for me.
And finally, when my all syllabus was on my tips, I became more confident by giving various tests.
And today, I can fulfill my dream of practicing my career by clearing the MCI EXAM.
I would really like to thank FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE, all faculty teachers who were always there for solving my issues, always there to makes me understand the topics when I was not able to get them. It is only because of their hard work, which motivated me to work harder and achieve what I wanted.

2) Dr. Manisha Sahu, Orenburg State Medical University, RUSSIA

I had never thought this pandemic situation will leave me blank. I was so much confused, so much frustrated that how would I manage to study and make it through MCI EXAM. I had lost my all hopes and every institute, every classroom was in lockdown as the whole world was in lockdown due to COVID.
But finally, when I came across the APP of FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE, I can not tell you what I felt. It was like a ray of sunlight coming through the clouds.
Without giving any second thought, I joined the discussion classes and quiz sections on the app. I clarified my all doubts by studying the best notes of the institute and finally, mock tests were the cherry on the cake and when I made it through my MCI EXAM, it is still a dream for me.
I must thank FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE who have helped the students by introducing the APP through which we were able to study from our homes and were able to achieve what we desired.