About FMGE NEXT Solutions book

The latest edition of this book covers the most recent questions of 2023 that reflect a more clinical oriented approach to the subject. The best book for NEXT exam pattern is divided into four sections:

  • subjects wise MCQ
  • Image based questions
  • Clinical based questions
  • last-minute revision booklet

This book is most authentic source of FMG exam questions of previous years. It will help you clear the exam single handedly provided you read each page of this book. The references in the book are from Harrison 20 and 21 st edition, Bailey and Love 27 th edition and many other top-notch books.



  1. Start with Anatomy MCQ. Don’t try to solve directly for first 100 MCQ but only read explanation of each MCQ one by one. You will gradually realize that how MCQ are to be solved by exclusion and need not be solved by memory-based recall only
  2. Once you can get used to exclusion-based skill then try out the skill by your self for the next 400 MCQ of anatomy.
  3. Once completed full reading of anatomy you will be able to understand that what they teach in apps alone is not sufficient. You must follow the explanations of this book to get to that magical figure of 150 plus.
  4. Now repeat the same for rest 18 subjects and you should complete the entire reading of this book in the next 50 days. Finish one reading of this book in your final year itself so that when you come for face-to-face classes you already know the answers to all previous year questions.
  5. I would like to emphasize that before the era of apps and classes this book was the most authentic source to crack the exam and it still retains that capability for so many years. The game changer subjects for this exam are Anatomy, Medicine, pathology, pharmacology and OBGY.

Final summary of preparation is-

FMGE SOLUTIONS BOOK: 2 times complete reading

Notes: Hand made of video lectures or physical classes: 2 times

If you can achieve these two simple tasks, Glory will be yours