About FMGE Solutions

FMGE Solutions Institute is Best Place for FMGE / MCI Exam Preparation

  • This programme is run by a team of astute clinicians who have left plum positions in top-most hospitals for the love of teaching.

  • The programme of this institute is based on the current requirements of medical field in India and is used by our students even after clearing this examination.

  • The UG programme run by Dr. Marwah is used by all Indian medical graduates. Use the same mentor and teacher that lacs of IMG are using to their advantage.

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Why Should you Select Our Institute

  • The faculty of our institute is onboard top-most online platforms like PrepLadder.

  • We always finish our course on time. The classes are scheduled such that a new subject is started only once the previous subject is completed. Other academies give you a mish mash of few hours of each subject randomly without any scientific logic.

  • None of our faculty will ever read from Power Point presentations. They will explain each concept to you in detail by writing and drawing line diagrams on an iPad.
  • We Provide Best Classroom as Well Online Courses

  • Ours is the only academy that runs an annual Advanced Cardiac Life Support course with hands on practice on dummies. This will train you not only for this exam but also for handling medical emergencies in future.

  • We provide online lectures to all regular batch students so that in case you fall sick, you do not miss a class and stay abreast with your batch. You will never miss out anything ever.


FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is best coaching for MCI screening test in Delhi. The MCI Screening exam is for foreign medical graduate doctors who want to practise in their home country after doing MBBS abroad.

This institute provides specialized coaching to all the foreign graduate doctors from all over the world to clear the MCI exam in India so that they can fulfil their passion for practicing in INDIA by clearing the MCI EXAM and serving our great nation.

Over since the period of 3 years, FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE has been serving as the best institute not only for classroom teachings but also as the best online platform for the aspirants who want to study and fulfil their aim by sitting at home anywhere. and has pioneered the concept of clearing the MCI EXAM preparation.

All the study material, concise notes, tables, flowcharts, mnemonics, and MCQs have been designed by the subject experts in their respective fields just to make things easier and simpler.

This institute is brain child of Dr. DEEPAK MARWAH, who is the best medicine teacher in India. He has not only taught students in India For PG entrance, but has also travelled to various countries like CHINA, KYRGYZSTAN, UKRAINE, TAJIKISTAN for physical classes. These classes were houseful for 10 days and for minimum time of 12 hrs daily of hard-core teachings.

So, when you enrol with the best, we assure you the best teaching methods used and various study techniques.

FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE was established to create a benchmark to achieve success and excellence in the toughest MCI Exam.

Along with the classroom teachings, face to face classes, where more than 500hrs are devoted to teachings, subject discussions, MCQ’s solving, and doubt clearing sessions; FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE provides you with all these things just in your hands.

Yes, FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE also provides you all the study material and all doubt clearing sessions on the MOBILE APP.

You can simply download the app of FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE from your play store to mobile whether android, and make yourself comfortable to study whenever and where ever you want to study. There is a separate link available for ios users.

In this COVID time, this becomes a plus factor for you to study from your home, which is the safest place, and even by saving your bucks of a hostel, mess, laundry, etc.


  • Subject wise teachings by subject experts.
  • Detailed as well as precise notes
  • MCQ is based on brainstorming sessions.
  • Subject wise exams
  • Discussion classes.
  • Time strategy for subjects.
  • Online quiz sessions
  • Grand tests


Dear doctors, We always have been at the forefront for you providing our best teaching methods including various learning techniques, mnemonics, study strategies to make your preparation easy.

We provide you with our hybrid programs of topic discussions where you learn and clear all your doubts face to face through live sessions through video calls.

Our institute is packed up with top-ranked faculty of people for MCQ and content generation.

All I want to tell you is that “SYSTEM WORKS, BUT PEOPLE FAIL”

But our system is not going to let you all down.

All your positive thinking and hard work in the right guided direction will fulfill all your aims and achieve what you deserve.

My, I and my institute assure you, if you are giving your 100% inputs, we are putting our 200% and making you achieve your goal.

I wish you all good luck. Stay smart and study smart.


The main mission of FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is to provide the best study material, best precise notes, best problem-solving sessions to all foreign graduate doctors so that they can easily qualify for the MCI exam.

The motive is to make you doctors comfortable for studying, by making you understand the best way to utilize your time and notes.

And the vision itself becomes very clear when you start following the strategies. Once you are clear with what you have to study and how you have to study, the success is yours.

Following your vision will enlighten your path to achieve what you deserve.

And the trained faculty is always there for you for your problem-solving.


“Without teachers, life would have no class”

A very true saying that “without teachers, life would have no class” is equally important for our institute as “without experienced and talented teachers, our institute would have no academic classes”.

With the very proud feelings, let me introduce you all to our most talented, honoured and very highly experienced faculty doctors, who have just left their renowned practice careers to teach you in the best possible ways.

Here comes our most talented faculty members:


Our worthy faculty teachers are ready to build up your confidence. They are ready in action. All you need is to trust them, put your heart into it and wait for the results. The success is then definitely in your hands.


Our leadership is our study strategies.

  • All the faculty of our institute are astute doctors and practitioners who have left their plum positions from the top-most hospitals just for the love and passion of their teachings.
  • All the teachers have more than 20yrs of teaching experience and have worked in the top online platforms.
  • The best faculty has always promised to finish the course on time before your exams so that you all have enough time for revision.
  • Best teachers of our institute are always going to use their techniques of teaching you, explaining the difficult part, giving mnemonics at tougher points, making concepts easy and understandable through tables, flowcharts, and diagrams.
  • All the lectures delivered by the teachers are recorded. If, due to any reason you are not able to make up to the class, you can, later on, watch the class and never miss out on a single thing ever.

FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE provides you the best classroom coaching as well as the best online courses also. We are honored to say that FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE is the only academy that runs an ANNUAL ADVANCED CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT COURSE with hands-on practice on dummies. This is going to train you not only for the MCI EXAM but also train you for handling medical emergencies in the future.

All the doctors residing in rural or urban areas can take full benefits of the trained faculty teachers by joining the online programs and successfully achieve their dreams.


We are here to enlighten your path, to direct you. Give a little push and success is all yours.


So, make it worthy. All the very best.Stay smart, study smart.