About FMGE Solutions

FMGE Solutions Institute is Best Place for FMGE / MCI Exam Preparation

  • This programme is run by a team of astute clinicians who have left plum positions in top-most hospitals for the love of teaching.

  • The programme of this institute is based on the current requirements of medical field in India and is used by our students even after clearing this examination.

  • The UG programme run by Dr. Marwah is used by all Indian medical graduates. Use the same mentor and teacher that lacs of IMG are using to their advantage.

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Why Should you Select Our Institute

  • The faculty of our institute is onboard top-most online platforms like PrepLadder.

  • We always finish our course on time. The classes are scheduled such that a new subject is started only once the previous subject is completed. Other academies give you a mish mash of few hours of each subject randomly without any scientific logic.

  • None of our faculty will ever read from Power Point presentations. They will explain each concept to you in detail by writing and drawing line diagrams on an iPad.
  • We Provide Best Classroom as Well Online Courses

  • Ours is the only academy that runs an annual Advanced Cardiac Life Support course with hands on practice on dummies. This will train you not only for this exam but also for handling medical emergencies in future.

  • We provide online lectures to all regular batch students so that in case you fall sick, you do not miss a class and stay abreast with your batch. You will never miss out anything ever.