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Every MBBS student who is trying to make a good doctor out of themselves would agree with me when I say that theirs simply no alternative to persistent tireless studying in this field.

The quantity of this studying is too humongous to be just mugged off and everyone seems to lose way in this vast syllabus if they don’t know the proper approach of studying in this stream.

This same issue of being tormented by the huge syllabus of MBBS has made me wonder about the best ways that can help to deal with and understand this scenario. Moreover, the stress of clearing the post-graduate entrance exam adds to the difficulty.

Today I bring forward the perspective of test and discussion sessions that is being conducted by renowned professor Dr. Deepak Marwah. For those students who are aspiring to clear the FMGE as well as those who want to crack the post-graduate exam, these classes are like the gold standard.

It is said that “When you aspire to be the best, you better learn from the best & forget the rest”.

Dr. Marwah is a pass-out student of Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi with experience of teaching to budding doctors for more than 15 long years.

Just to give students the bunch of knowledge, he has traveled to many countries, so that the students studying in medical colleges also get benefit of his teachings.

Let us understand in a bit more detail what these test discussion sessions are in reality and how they help us to build stronger concepts and lay a strong base for our upcoming career.

What are these sessions?

  • Marwah conducts exam question paper solving sessions in which a vast variety of questions are addressed, the way to approach each question or each patient is elaborated and all of this is done in a way to promote and improve the desire to understand the pathologies.
  • Moreover, the test series that is created as an All India level test series kind of mimics the MCI based exams and helps to assess your preparation progress as well.

Highlights of the test and discussion

  • These tests are prepared in such a way to cover a vast majority of the topics. Along with that, the question database is created by groups of medical teachers and professionals who have boatloads of experience in the field.
  • The next major important point that is worth mentioning is that the question patterns represent the latest patterns being followed in the country. This is said in reference to the shift of preference in current time more to clinical approach, i.e. each question now is like a patient itself. Thus you get a very detailed idea of how to think in an actual scenario while approaching any patient.
  • The question sets provided are mostly aimed at improving the skill set of the budding doctor and are very knowledge-based. This not only helps in sharpening your basic instincts for approaching a pathological condition but also helps in developing an in-depth knowledge of the condition.
  • Every day, a new set of questions are prepared and posted for practice and thus helping us stay sharp and up-to-date.
  • To add on to this, the availability of subject-wise tests ranging from anatomy, physiology, biochemistry to Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, and every other subject you can think of. Thus the wide range availability of material helps you individually develop those subjects as well.
  • Now coming to the part of the discussion. It’s empirical to mention that the discussion of the question sets by Dr. Marwah himself is the most beneficial part of this entire setup. Let’s understand how.
  • These discussion sessions of the question sets are not at all limited to just finding an answer and moving on. But it emphasizes the way of approaching the questions. The mindset is a very vital instrument for diagnosing any patient and that is very well emphasized in these sessions.
  • Each question that is approached, is dissected to its very core. That means that the concept behind that topic is established in-depth in our minds. This helps in having a long-lasting understanding of the topics.
  • The sessions by Dr. Marwah are one with quite a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. Their main purpose is to make each of their students well equipped for whatever exam they are preparing for, be it FMGE or NMC based exams.
  • Among many other useful tips for solving the questions given by sir, let me summarise a few to put some light on the content of these discussion sessions-

Each clinical question is like a patient. To diagnose the condition patient is suffering from is like solving a mystery. Just like while solving a mystery we have to look for clues to lead us forward, similarly, in diagnosing a patient’s illness( or solving the question), we need to filter out the major keywords(clues) from the question and then use them to rule out the possibilities.

Another important key to remember is that you can only recognize those cases that you already have read about or know about. That’s why being thorough with the notes or the topics from the books is stressed a lot.

To finish up and wrap this article up, I would like to mention that following up with these sessions is more than enough to perform well in the FMGE as well as the NMC based exams. I would also like to add up a few links to his videos here for you to get a brief idea of how these discussions work:




These sessions are here to provide you a direction to guide your preparations for various exams and can work as a test planner for the individuals.


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