The covid-19 situation is getting worse as cases are surging with every passing day. There is a rise not just in the active cases but also in the number of fatalities. Every day over 5000 deaths are being reported in INDIA. Reportedly, most of the deaths are being reported due to low blood oxygen in the patients. In such a critical situation, the patient needs an additional supply of oxygen to keep their oxygen levels maintained to keep on breathing. As the country is suffering from a shortage of oxygen, many people are not able to find oxygen cylinders, they can opt for OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS. However, not many know the difference and use between the two, so here are some necessary details that everyone should be aware of during this pandemic situation:


Medical oxygen is generally produced in specialized manufacturing units as industrial oxygen which is purified over 94 % for the use of patients suffering from oxygen starvation.

The second wave of the covid-19 pandemic has severely affected the lungs of patients making them gasp. So, to save the lives of patients, medical oxygen is used, which is “PURIFIED OXYGEN” used for medical treatments like a life support system, during anesthesia, etc. the process of making MEDICAL OXYGEN takes place in the large plants, where the air is cooled, and oxygen is distilled.


As India is scuffling with the covid-19 pandemic, people are vacillating to arrange ICU beds, life-saving medications, ventilators, and most supremely ‘oxygen’, to save their dear ones.

Arranging all these basic necessities have become so tough these days because the availability of these sources is way less than what the country requires this time to win the battle against covid.

In this hard time, OXYGEN CONCENTRATORS have turned out to be an EMANCIPATOR, a savior for the people who are trying to recover in home isolation, owing to the shortage in hospitals.


Oxygen concentrators can even help high-risk patients to recover, who are home quarantined by following all the necessary precautions guided by the doctors.

While looking for the oxygen concentrators, please ensure that-

  • The FLOW RATE should be high. The concentrator supplying 10 LPM of oxygen is a good one.
  • CONCENTRATION comes of two types-

30-90 and 90 with + – 3%. This means that in the case of 30-90, as the flow will go up, the concentration of oxygen goes down. So at 10L flow, the concentration will be 30%, which is 3L flow. NO USE OF GETTING THAT.

  • CERTIFICATION is very important. Get a concentrator that is certified. So that you get 90% +- 3% and not 30-90%.
  • The DEDAKI CONCENTRATORS are pretty crappy, they don’t work properly. The ones that work are PHILIPS or AIRSEP. Philips 5L is the thing that works, don’t go for 3L, it’s useless. (100 hrs of use would require a filter change).
  • US oxygen concentrators are set up for 110V. for them, you would need a transformer to step it to 230V.


  • It is very important to understand that Covid patients require 90% oxygen concentration at 1-5L flow and above to 10L when they are suffering from acute respiratory discomfort.
  • Oxygen concentrators can be divided into small (5-10Kg) oxygen concentrations suitable for COPD patients, medium (15-19Kg), and large (20Kg and above) oxygen concentrations for critical care and Covid patients.
  • Small oxygen concentrators may have options from 1Litre to 9Liters flow but this does not mean that they provide 90% oxygen at a higher flow like 5Litres.
  • On small oxygen concentrators, 90% oxygen concentration is achieved only at lower flows of 1Liter to 2Litres.
  • On higher flows, the oxygen concentration drops to 30%, as the flow is increased. This is suitable for COPD patients but NOT for COVID patients.
  • Have a check on the SPECIFICATIONS of the oxygen concentrators. If it is 90% – 30% or (1L/min – 2L/min) means 90% oxygen is available only at 1Liter flow or 2Liter flow, respectively and on higher flows, the oxygen level drops to 30%.
  • The air used for breathing is 21% oxygen, so a small (5Kg to 10Kg) oxygen concentrator at higher flows gives an output of 30% oxygen, which means it is just blowing the air.
  • WEIGHT is the best indicator to understand the oxygen production capacity of the oxygen concentrators.
  • A 5Kg – 10Kg oxygen concentrator has a small compressor that can only manage to give an output of 90% oxygen at 1Litre to a maximum 2Litre.
  • A 15Kg – 19Kg oxygen concentrator has a compressor that can easily give an output of 90% oxygen at flows from 1Litre to 5Liter oxygen which is ideal for COVID patients and CRITICAL CARE patients.
  • A 20Kg and above oxygen concentrator has a large compressor that gives an output of 90% oxygen from 1Liter to 10Liters flow which is again ideal for COVID patients and CRITICAL CARE patients and dual patients to use the same machine with the accessories.
  • It is advised not only to see the output flow of an oxygen concentrator like 5Liters or 10Liters and so, but the most important thing is also to make sure you get 90% oxygen at the highest flow level.
  • For a small family, with no senior citizens, a 5Liters oxygen concentrator at 90% oxygen concentration should be good enough.
  • For 2 senior citizens or a big family, 10Liters at 90% oxygen concentration should be good enough as it can support 2 patients at one time (if the need arises).

Please, do not get fooled and pay big money for small oxygen concentrators, which are sold by highlighting 5Liters and 8Litres and do not give an output of 90% concentration of oxygen at higher flows which is the need of the hour.

There is a lot of misinformation spreading and people are buying wrong things in desperate


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