Well, in 2019, the Indian Government announced its decision to snip NEET PG, impendingly introducing a common national exam for all the MBBS students called NEXT or the National Exit Test, which is most probably to be implemented from 2022.

As per the news talks, NEXT is going to replace the NEET exam as well as the FMG Exam, which means if the MCQ exam part is clear, the aspirants will be eligible to join a PG Course and will also serve as licentiate exam for foreign medical graduates to practice post MBBS in India, respectively.

Countless views are subsequently seen regarding NEXT. While some are considering it as a BOON, that it is going to produce more skillful doctors, on the other hand, others are worried about its BANE, that it might act as an additional burden for all the aspiring students.

In all this dilemma, it is very clear that all aspiring students are extremely perplexed about the preparation of NEXT.

But you can always count on us for providing you some preparation strategies for the NEXT exam.

It is believed that in the NEXT exam, the main focus will be on clinical vignettes integrated with the basic applied sciences.

Somebody has very well said, “ARIE DE GEUS” which means “your ability to learn faster than your competitors might be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Studying is not all about sitting on a relaxed armchair or structured classroom learning,

  • it is all about your willingness to experiment with new things,
  • it is about pushing yourself to acquire capabilities,
  • it is all about discomforting yourself from the comfort zone, and
  • resist all the bias against doing new things.

Learning to understand the concepts and making connections to the prior knowledge of all the subjects including spaced repetitions of revision sessions; is all that you need for your preparation for the NEXT exam.

Medical sciences are all connected, clinical and non-clinical subjects. They are even logical. Grasping the foundations of biosciences is really helpful because if you have mastered anatomy, physiology, the pathophysiology of the disease, and the mechanism of action of the drugs, you can easily rule out the disease by advising investigations required and then suggesting the best treatment for the same.

Giving importance to basic subjects like anatomy. Physiology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, and microbiology forms the base of your preparation.

Just have a focused approach and a proper study plan. You must first complete studying from the standard books. Some important topics of medicine which are must for clinical as well as theoretical point of view are as follows-


Multifocal atrial tachycardia vs A. Fib
  CHF and Arrhythmia medications
  Constructive pericarditis vs RCM
NEUROLOGY Stroke syndromes & interventions
  Multiple sclerosis
  Huntington chorea
  NCC vs Cerebral Toxoplasmosis vs Brain Tumors
  Anterior pituitary diseases
  Conn vs Liddle
  Cortisol deficiency
  DKA vs Hypersmolar coma vs Lactic acidosis
  Myxoedema coma vs Thyrotoxicosis periodic paralysis
  Calcium metabolism
GIT & HEMATOLOGY CMV vs EBV vs Eosinophilic esophagitis
  Malabsorption syndrome
  Pseudomembranous colitis vs UC
  Multiple myeloma
  Blood cancer treatments
HEPATOLOGY Hep B acute vs Chronic
  PBC vs PSC
  Hepato renal syndrome vs hepato pulmonary syndrome
  Alcoholic hepatitis
PULMONOLOGY Pneumothorax
  ABG analysis
  Pulmonary embolism vs Fat embolism
  Respiratory failure
  ILD subtypes
  P. Jiroveci pneumonia
  Anti Synthetase syndrome
  SLE antibodies
  PAN vs GPA
ELECTROLYTE IMBALANCE Magnesium imbalances
  Acidosis correction formula
  Hyponatremia subtypes & correction
  Hypokalemia correction
KIDNEY Ciliopathies
  Renal tubular acidosis
  Anion gap
  Immune-fluorescence kidney pathology


These are some of the basic diseases which you all must be aware of and these topics should be crystal clear to you in all aspects.

Once the disease is clear to you, just understand the pathophysiology of the disease.

The study of PATHOPHYSIOLOGY of a disease means-

  • understanding the clinical manifestations of a disease,
  • analysis of disease.
  • Through pathophysiology, you will be easily able to understand how and why the diseases are produced and
  • what are their symptoms?
  • It explains the history of a disease.

Once you are done understanding the fundamentals of pathology, means you are now aware of the disease from where it has arrived, how has the disease occurred, life cycle, sign and symptoms, and all the necessary investigations required have been made, so now you can easily go through your pharmacology to know and understand the mechanism of action of the drugs given to a particular disease.

PHARMACOLOGY makes you understand the interactions between drugs and living beings.

The sub-disciplines of pharmacology like Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacogenetics makes you understand the effects & mechanisms of drug interactions, movement of drugs throughout the body through absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and drug-induced allergies and toxicities, respectively.

Precision MEDICINE goals of customizing disease prevention and treatment strategies. To understand all things at a time, you need to integrate all subjects and not understand them separately, rather address it as a single topic. The best part of the integrated study is that your subjects are also covered and your basics and all details about the topic or disease are also covered.

Some important points that you have to keep in mind while preparing for NEXT EXAM are-


The very first and foremost thing that you always have to keep in your mind while preparing for any exam is that you just have to strengthen your basics. Make your basics so much very clear to yourself so that you can answer any question whether it is asked directly or indirectly in anyways.

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Up till now, you all have been studying theoretically. Just cramming all the concepts, learning mnemonics, and making out the answers; but now the game is changed.

From now onwards, means for the NEXT EXAM, cramming of the topics would not work. You have to be crystal clear with the topics and subjects and have to think clinically.

Think you have been asked about any disease in the exam, so you just don’t have to judge the answer. Understand the pathology behind it and then the treatment is given.

And in this way only you will be able to solve a maximum number of questions.

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If because for any reason you are not able to study any subject that says PSM, don’t mistake-totally ignore the subject. If you can not study the whole subject, make sure you are covering the important topics of the subject.

Best mci coaching FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE makes sure to cover up the whole syllabus on time so that in the end you all don’t have to regret anything.


FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE and the very talented teachers duly help their students to understand the subject better by telling and guiding them about how to manage their time and even how to many their days for a particular subject for the preparation.

“Make your study qualitative, not quantitative.”


The last thing but not the least thing that makes any student change the game in the end time is giving tests. More the number of questions you will attempt before exams are going to do miracles for you in your finals.

FMGE SOLUTIONS INSTITUTE conducts a huge number of test series like test series after every topic taught, tests for the subjects, and grand tests covering the whole syllabus.


What all you need is to be focused on your dreams. Just eliminate all the stress from your minds, confront your fears and stop being anxious about the results. When you study right, you achieve right.

So, good luck and make your hard work count.

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