As the name suggests… success is achieved by climbing the steps of the ladder and so prepladder is the best app for first-year medical students.

Despite the fact, that every year of the course matters, but the first year in itself is very important to students as it introduces the students to a new world of medical & technical terms, new fundamentals and enables them in understanding the basics.

In the very first year of the MBBS course, the subjects you have to study are ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, AND BIOCHEMISTRY.

As far as PG Exams are considered, the first year has directly good weightage as compared to other subjects. Let us understand why it is important to emphasize first-year subjects-


Anatomy is the subject of visualization. The human body is a complex structure and visualization is not an easy task when the base structure is so challenging. Therefore, understanding from good atlas is essential for making the understanding process simpler.

DISSECTION hours are very important!!! Dissection is a one-time life opportunity for medical students as you would not get a cadaver ever again in your entire medical studies and so it is essential. Dissections give you a bird’s eye view of the human anatomy. You can remember all the tedious relations of different arteries, nerves, or veins just by attending dissections diligently.


The mistake that most of us commit when it comes to physiology is that everyone takes it very lightly, not as seriously as anatomy.

Physiology is a very vast subject covering the study of the normal functioning of the living body including organs, cells, biological compounds, and how they interact to make life possible.

It provides a thorough understanding of normal body functions, enabling more effective treatment of abnormal or diseased states.


Biochemistry is not a subject to leave untouched at all.

It comprises the study of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, hormones, signal transduction, etc.

Normal metabolism and pathophysiology of the disease are studied under biochemistry.

Diagnosis of various diseases is done using biochemical parameters.

e.g. blood glucose is estimated to diagnose and treatment of diabetes mellites.

When it comes to the teaching faculty of PREPLADDER, the subject ANATOMY, which is taught by Dr. RAJESH KAUSHAL sir, has the best teaching skills.

Dr. RAJESH KAUSHAL sir’s method of teaching is really very good and lucid.

  • He makes all concepts clear without any chance of remaining of doubt along with easy schematic diagrams like most of the theoretical topics such as in superior extremity, inferior extremity, abdomen, and thorax.
  • He inserts so much of the information in just one diagram which makes you understand the topic very clearly.
  • Most of his notes and diagrams along with their explanation and also including MCQ’s make the topic such an interesting one that no one can deny understanding.
  • Moreover, his guidebook never lets you forget or get confused about any topic.

Moving towards PHYSIOLOGY, which is being taught by Dr. VIVEK NALGIRKAR, has been made crystal clear to all the aspirants.

  • His teaching methods not only make the students understand physiology but help in engraving the concepts on your neurons so beautifully that you can easily recall the concepts and therefore the answers to the questions asked in any exam.
  • It’s an art in himself, the way he has given to the point notes on each topic which are sufficient in itself and don’t waste your too much time.
  • Physiology is considered as the pillar subject of medical sciences and Dr. VIVEK sir builds your pillar very beautifully so that your whole building is developed gracefully.

Dr. SMILY PRUTHI is the name when it comes to BIOCHEMISTRY.

Biochemistry is a volatile subject that requires lots of writing practice.

  • All the metabolisms explained by mam in form of flowcharts are really so easy to understand and learn. These flowcharts are of great help that can be brushed up at the last minute rather than sitting to read the whole cycle.
  • When it comes to equations, you have to practice solving them daily. Repeated practice is the only thing that will help you remember things in the long run.
  • Make it a habit of devoting at least 15 minutes daily to the previous day’s lesson because biochemistry is a volatile subject and chances of forgetting it are pretty much high.

So, it is all about the first-year subjects in building a strong base for understanding higher subjects and to excel in NEET PG Exam and PREPLADDER makes it possible with ease.

If you are clear with your basic subjects and basis, all your study journey becomes easy. You can understand the other subjects easily and there will be no need of cramming the topics, which most of the students do and end up with disappointment.

But learning with our faculty makes your subjects so easy and interesting to study, that you can’t resist studying them and no cramming is required as all your doubts are explained thoroughly.

All you have to do is, be serious with your studies and the rest prepladder will handle it.

Prepladder is the best app for NEET PG preparation. The app contains:

  1. Video lectures of all subjects from India’s famous faculties.
  2. A large number of clinically oriented question banks is available for revision.
  3. Test and discussion section is also present which is very helpful in clearing the doubts.
  4. Rapid revision sessions are very famous for the highest striking rates.
  5. Snapshot videos are also available which are a boon in cracking image-based questions.
  6. Separate previous year’s question papers video discussions are there which help you to know how to solve and crack every question effectively.
  7. The cherry on the cake, Hinglish videos are super easy to understand and you will be addicted to studying.

Prepladder is a platform that is making quality medical education which is accessible to all medical aspirants. It is a ray of hope for every aspirant that never lets them down. Highly experienced, talented, and famous faculty has always aimed at clearing doubts of all students and offering them the best that they themselves have learned in their life.

We can proudly say that all the teaching staff is just like GURU DRONACHARYA who are always teaching their students to aim at the target and get it at any cost. And the students are indeed achieving whatever they aim for.


Thanks you for Reading this article FMGE Solutions is Best FMGE Coaching Institute by Dr. Deepak Marwah

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