FMGE is the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination also known as the Medical Council of India Screening Test (MCI Screening Test). This examination is conducted by the National Board of Examination. The FMGE is taken by those students who want to complete their medical Graduation outside of India. It is conducted in the month of June and December.

All the students have many doubts and believe in myths that studying all 19 subjects is not important. But that’s absolutely wrong. Studying all the subjects is very important.

Studying all the 19 subjects helps you to make connections between different subject.

For example, Who is the best cricket player? (Questions are easy)

  1. Mohd Kaif
  2. Sehwag
  3. Ganguly
  4. Sachin(correct)

Here the question is easy and the options are easy, but the national board of examination NBE question patterns is in such a way that

Who the best cricket player( Questions are easy, option are enough)

  1. Nayan Mongia
  2. Rajesh Chauhan
  3. Debasish Mohanti
  4. Laxmi Ratan Shukla

In order to answer the question, you need to know the statistics of each and every option clearly. So that you can compare an answer. So in NBE, each option may be a different subject related to the question. So in order to make a connection between subjects, you need to study all 19 subjects.  

To achieve any goal a perfect strategy is required. To all the subjects good well-planned timetable needs to be followed.

According to me, first, start with studying the theory first and then solve MCQ’s. By doing this you will get to know weak points and strong points. Then later again start studying theory simultaneously solving MCQ’s. While doing this your brain will get a rational idea about what topics you need to focus on and what topics need revision for.

Don’t try to refer too many resources( study material) and confuse yourself. Stick to one book that works well for you and cover all topics from every subject.

Make your study notes. That will make your revision and reviewing of notes before exam is easier.

Solve about a minimum of 50-100 MCQ’s per day and solve as many mock tests as possible.

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