1. You are having access to pathology notes of multiple sources. You need to select that give you concepts that you can apply and not mere useless facts copy pasted. Good quality and organised notes are the most important part of your preparation and make a difference between a good and an average score.

2. Read the notes at least thrice and if possible, try to right down 5-6 main points of each topic on a stick-on pad and paste it over the topic heading. This way in last reading you need to focus only on the main points and not whole of data which takes an awful long time.

3. Join a good Test and discussion. This will show you your real preparation level before the exam. Lots of time we are just assuming we are doing great in a subject but may overlook some points of each topic which we think is not important and it turns out to a be gamechanger.

4. Don’t skip topics because whatever we read less, that usually comes in examination. Call it bad luck or whatever but this is what happens every time with most students

5. Topics to be focused: Systemic pathology should be on your tips. Follow up with neoplasia topic which is high yield and people neglect it only to lose a scoring opportunity. Focus on NK Cells, Dendritic Cells and Antigen preventing Cells. Thoroughly prepare Amyloidosis detection methods. In general pathology cell injury topic is well prepared but immunity part is neglected. Types of hypersensitivity reactions list is to be hand made by you else you may forget it. Last do haematology and listen to medicine part of it serially to make it a topic where nothing ever goes wrong.

6. Lastly as a teaching point would like to remind you of a previous year question of an image of gingival hypertrophy in a patient with a smear showing myeloblast with characteristic Auer rods. Since most people had read about Auer rods but never seen one, they flunked the question. Motto of story learn that myeloid leukemia cells have an extremely high turnover rate and hence can cause gingival infiltration. Also, that when you kill myeloid cells using chemotherapy the Auer rods lead to development of Disseminated intravascular coagulation and patient can bleed like hell.

Keep hammering and working!

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