How to solve clinical based questions in current Indian medical exams like MCI, NEXT, FMG, PGMEE

The current pattern of examination has become oriented to Clinical based question even in subjects
like anatomy and Biochemistry. So instead of asking directly about anatomical snuff contents he will
ask you about a cyclist slipping on a wet road and falling on outstretched hand and has presented
with extreme tenderness in area of anatomical snuff box. Similarly, in Biochemistry instead of simply
asking the most common glycogen storage disorder, the questions will describe an infant with
persistent hypoglycemia severe enough to cause hypoglycemic seizures and physical finding of
hepatomegaly. Infact the topic of inborn errors of metabolism in biochemistry/ paediatrics has
become a hot topic suddenly. Now these were only two examples that I gave you and you will find
more as you listen to the video lectures by faculty.

The Commonest query of every student is how to handle such questions. I hereby mention 5 steps
that you must undertake to come out of digital ion centre with a big smile and not have to wait for
result to be declared. You will be so confident of result that you will be waiting for it to be declared.
Contrast that with your rivals who have not studied this way and are scared on the day result is

Step 1

Start reading systemic pathology and medicine together as it will help you understand the topics
better. But do not make a mistake that all people do. Most people start enthusiastically and spend
one week doing cardiovascular system from pathology and then another ten days doing the same
topic from medicine. Half the month has gone and they have done only one system. This is a wrong
approach. Correct approach is to first finish entire systemic pathology from a good app by listening
at 1.2X with printed notes in maximum 10 days and listening in 3 sessions of 3 hours each. Why
should you keep study session of 3hours is what I will discuss later but at the moment do follow this
advice religiously? Once you are done with systemic pathology you must listen general medicine by
Deepak Marwah for getting concepts in less time and simplified manner. Select whatever suits you
but I prefer Marwah for his simple concise approach.

Step 2

You are now reading general medicine and are feeling frustrated as it is taking time. You are thinking
you could have done more simpler subjects in this time. This is second biggest mistake people do of
leaving the subject midway. Keep the tempo going and the first week is the most difficult. Consider it
to be BOOT CAMP for medical graduates. If you spend 15 days (Yes…………..Just 15 days of your
entire medical career) learning this subject from any good faculty , I assure you that chances of
clearing the examination will increase. Why? Because you will learn how to think like a clinician. You
will develop analytical skills which are very important to clear this examination. No other subject or
teacher will be able to give you these skills and hence by completing internal medicine you will be
able to increase your strike rate of other subjects as well.

Step 3

By completing both systemic pathology and entire general medicine in one-month period you now
have a knowledge base which is superior to other candidates. Do not fall in trap of that medicine
questions can be solved from pathology and vice versa. No do not fall in the trap and do both
subjects sequentially one after the other and not simultaneously. So now your first read of
integrated medicine path is complete. But all this knowledge will evaporate if you do not do Q bank
of both subjects now. Lots of time in Q bank you will find questions which contain relevant points for
diagnosis of a condition that might be overlooked by you in first reading of study material. Do the Q
bank thoroughly and note down the extra information in a separate 100 register or stick on pads
that can be pasted over the relevant part of notes. I would suggest 10 days to do Q bank of both
subjects back to back with first systemic path and then general medicine.

Step 4

Each day when you wake up, trying revising the points noted in a separate register of Q bank to form
a visual memory. The notes of yours from the first read are a gold mine and must be preserved
properly for use for second reading. The second reading should start approximately three months
before the final examination and will ensure that there is nothing stopping you from clearing the
examination in first go. During second reading the lectures are listened at 1.5X to 1.8x. Going at 2X
will make the voice croak like a frog and would not be understandable. Keep each study session of at
least 3 hours duration. Sit in front of laptop of I-pad imagining that you are giving a real exam and be
attentive all through the lecture. Do not use social media on the device used for listening to lectures.
After every half an hour fatigue would take over and you will be tempted to check your mobile
phone for notifications. We think that it will relax us and help us get back to books. But
unfortunately, social media will tire you out and you won’t be able to focus on the lecture content.
You would be either jealous of people posting pics of their holiday or wondering why you are not
having the doubts which other people have asked. Most people who ask doubts on social media
have not studied the same topic twice, while you have already done that and hence there is no
doubt in your mind. You are mentally superior to your rivals as you have done two readings of the
most critical subjects. This will help you prepare for other subjects as well.

Step 5

If you are still reading this article it means that you are doing the right thing for your career. You
have now completed 2 reads of med path integrated and done Q bank once. The points of Q bank
that you found difficult were noted in a register or stick on pads already. Now is the time to handle
the mock tests and GT with confidence. When you give the mock test, think as if you are sitting in
real exam. Give it in morning after taking a bath, quick light breakfast (yes it matters), Switch off the
mobile phone and give the test on laptop/ tablet. Do not give up after one hours if questions go
wrong. The main thing is to ensure that your neurons work continuously for 3 plus hours and you
can jump from subject A to subject B or sub topic of Subject C. That is like playing cricket. You don’t
know whether the ball coming to you is in swinging yorker or slower ball or good length ball or short
pitched bouncer. You have to ready for all kind of deliveries being bowled at you. Same is in Medical

field, you are not aware of which speciality the next patient entering the door of ER belong to. As a
registered MBBS doctor you have to ensure all arriving patients in the ER receive good medical care.

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