You have cleared the University exams and happily sitting on a flight back home to India thinking life will be a bed of roses. But no! The government has different plans and most students get a rude shock when they see the results of first attempt. Anger and disbelief set in and relatives start questioning the parents for why did you send your child abroad. This has happened to so many bright young foreign medical students who are good in studies till class X and XII but somehow due to bad luck or pressure are not able to do well in UG exams. They also cannot afford the costly fees of private medical colleges of India. Hence begins the struggle but you can easily overcome this if you follow the steps given in this article diligently from first year.


  1. Make it a point to purchase good books for Pathology and pharmacology written by top faculties like Gobind Rai Garg or Sparsh Gupta to grab the concepts. When you finish the books written by these top educators you can easily understand books like Robbins or KDT or Katzung. In contrast most students try to read Robbins and get frustrated as the language itself is very difficult. The text book will not simplify facts for you but will make it technical. This is why nothing makes sense when you read it and end of 3 months people just leave it and let it go. If you are not a books person then you have to use apps of individual subjects of these two great Indian doctors to enable you to understand the subject. Both of these subjects are integral to understanding General medicine. Trying to read General medicine without listening to these great faculties is like trying to clear class XII exams while being in class IX.
  2. Assuming you have now come in final year and have to study multiple subjects, due to pressure most people neglect medicine and surgery. By neglecting General medicine trying to be a doctor is like making chicken biryani without chicken. Why to take a risk like this and sabotage the career. It is better to read and listen to good general medicine faculty. Well the best book is Harrison but the problem is again with productivity. You can spend the whole day reading for 6- 8 hours but would not be able to retain anything or analyse anything. So the solution is to listen to General medicine from app of Dr Deepak Marwah and try to make hand made notes.
  3. Start with easier topics like GIT as you have to make yourself mentally tough to handle heavy weight topics like cardiology and neurology. Let me make it clear, if you have set your heart and doing the complete app you will be able to definitely do it. The topics have been explained in both English and hindi to make it easier for you to understand the concepts
  4. Infact some people have called him the Netflix of medical education in India as he explains in simple lucid language. You can also use marrow app for general medicine but the problem is that they read power point presentation and explain it. Not that the explanation is bad but since the Power point slide is in front of you and teacher is reading it there is lack of engagement. You will get tired in 10 minutes but the advantage of Dr Marwah app is viewer engagement. Infact in the recent survey published his app had the highest number of viewed hours from all combined medical field app. The app has 90,000 downloads as of now and will be first Indian medical app on subject of general medicine to hit 1 Lac downloads.
  5. Now once you have finished GIT, it is time to do Q Bank of same topic on same day. Why is it so important to do Q bank thoroughly because you will find multiple points that need to be added to the notes to make them more potent. The notes are the pure gold you need to worship daily to clear this hurdle of licensing exam in India
  6. Then do Liver and Haematology topics. The fact is that haematology of pathology and medicine can be done sequentially to increase your strike rate as questions on haematology are always asked and can be correctly answered to tune of 80%. Hence you can increase your scores in general medicine from these three topics as GIT, Liver and haematology is studied in pathology as well. The coverage is faster if pathology has been completed once.
  7. Now comes the topic most people dread and most teachers skip but Dr marwah has explained cardiology beautifully. My personal favourite is cardiology as he has explained basics of heart sounds, murmurs so nicely while earlier I could not understand a dime on these topics. The way acute coronary syndrome is described in a case-based fashion it will make you feel as if you are the physician in charge and you are handling the case in real time. Learn the arrythmias and you will be able to handle all the critically sick cases in ER with flair.
  8. Now comes Emergency medicine section where doing BLS And ACLS is very important. Both these lectures very important and must be listened at least twice back to back to handle any case that comes your way. These two lectures must be listened one week before the exam too as they will always ask a case-based scenario or clinical based question on these two topics.
  9. Let’s get real as I said earlier, Learning General medicine from the best medical teacher of India is the best thing you can do to your career. Now comes the part neglected the most: neurology. Though we study it from first year in physiology the effort is just to pass. If you listen to these video lectures in neurology you will be able to answer questions on stroke, parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s disease, Guillain barre Syndrome, Transverse myelitis and Myasthenia gravis which others just read from slides he explains with diagrams. If you can complete at 1.5X with printed notes your strike rate will be automatically increased.
  10. Congratulations if you are still reading this article. Completing cardiology and neurology will give you a new found confidence. You will find yourself attending ward rounds with utmost confidence and you would find everything highly interesting. You will your self feel like studying brand names of various medicines and dosages because you are ready to serve the world. Don’t forget to finish the Q bank at least once after completing each subtopic as you would not find time later. You can now do small topics like Rheumatology where remembering the name of Auto-antibodies is a must.


I have got 200 plus marks by following all these steps in final year and I am sure you all can easily do that. I used hand made notes but couple of my batch mates used printed notes and cleared with good scores.

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