Making your own study notes helps in easy remembrance and fast of reviewing of any topics before the exam. Preparing your own notes is not rocket science. Here are some tips that you can follow to prepare your own study notes.

  • Just Summarize: Your notes should always be easy to read and for reviewing. In such a case, you should always summarize the topic rather than writing about the whole topic. Try to be precise and to the point.  Don’t go around the bush. If you can number and bullet your points, but it’s not compulsory to number and bullet your points.
  • Be Structured And Organized: Whenever you make notes for a topic make sure to follow a structure and then organize the topics in your convenient way. A structured is easier and effective to go through rather than a haphazardly arranged notes. You can organize the topics according to their importance or the topics that you are weak in and need more focusing on in the beginning and topics you are strong in at the end. Structure and organize in a way that works best for you. 
  • Write In Your Own Words: Don’t copy paste everything that’s in the textbook. Always note it down in your own words because it’s kind of your own creation that helps you to remember easily.
  • Use Mnemonics: Using abbreviations or mnemonics helps you to shorten and easy to remember the main points. For Example- Therapeutic functions of Adrenaline: Mnemonic: ABCDE

          A: Anaphylactic shock

          B: Bronchial Asthma

          C: Cardiac resuscitation

          D: Delay absorption of local anesthetics

          E: Elevate BP.

  • Colour Code: Always colour code your notes. Colour coding the notes helps you to organize your notes and gives it a structure as well. You can use a colour for heading, another colour for the subheading, a colour for topics you think you need revision for, etc. It helps you to concentrate on studying and makes you focus on the topics.
  • Frame Questions: Make your own questions for each topic on every subject.  Framing your questions helps you to remember the topics and key points in the exam well.
  • Use Aids: Use visual aids for every topic. Visual aids like diagrams, flowcharts, etc. It helps your brain to rationalize and makes it easy to solve questions.  Preparing study notes is just the first step in your preparation for FMGE. But is not totally sufficient, you should keep revising and going through your notes frequently on a routine basis.

ALL THE BEST!! For your exam.

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