1. It is one of the most scoring subjects in paper 1 and lots of students manage only about 40-50% in this subject while you can achieve about 70% . Getting that high score will enable you to compensate for other subjects in paper 2 that you may find harder. So use high quality notes of an author faculty. If you are using one where it is a non author there is high chances that they will teach very superficial and exam in tougher.

2. The most high yield topics are Autonomic nervous system followed by drugs acting on central nervous system followed by anti-microbials. If you are good in these with understanding and logic the rest will automatically be easy for you to comprehend.

3. Practice by writing while listening to lectures instead of simply using a colored marker. Always make self made notes as you can understand better .

4. It is advisable to give at least 6 complete days to pharmacology@ 8 hours each of theory reading followed by listening to test and discussion on fmge solutions app. 

5. It is advisable to keep topics like anticancer drugs, Drugs acting on GIT for last day of preparation as limited questions are asked from same.

Keep Hammering and the wall will break

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