Hello guys FMG exam will be conducted on 12th December 2021 in 2 sessions each comprising 150 MCQ each. Each session will be of 2.5 hours. This makes it very taxing as paper II comprising clinical sciences is in the later part of the day and fatigue factor comes in. Hence most candidates not able to think and analyze questions towards the last one hour. They either make silly mistakes or simply give up and start marking answers without reading the question thinking that at-least some questions will go correct by fluke. This is the reality as our brain gets fatigued after few hours. This article is hence written to rewire your brain in the correct fashion so that you can take both mental and physical stress and attempt the paper to the best of your capacity.
In case you have given the exam then you know this already. Hence this blog will cater to how to make your mind stronger and tougher so that can clear the FMG/MCI screening December 2021 examination with flying colors.

How to clear FMG exam in first attempt is a dream of every FMG doctor and this article will give you step by step approach to clear this exam. Keep reading till the end so that you

FMG exam Strategy

1. First Spend time doing previous year questions from the best book for this exam FMGE Solutions. This book is good because it contains the most Authentic recall of previous year MCQ since 2018 when the pattern became more clinical oriented. When you attempt MCQ for first time do not try to solve them but read the explanation which is crisp and concise and helps you develop that analytical skill necessary for the examination.

2. Now note down the explanation of each question in one single line as a summary point in a separate fifity page register for each subject. You will have 19 registers in the end containing golden points that will be so handy in last month of the exam.

3. Coming to content of each register so that you will have 400 points say in anatomy that have been asked in last 4 years. When you read those points again and again you will come to know that which topics are frequently repeated and which topics are asked but are not covered in physical classes. There is obviously a time constraint in physical classes where teacher must cover the points in limited time allocated to them and therefore, they cannot do justice to micro topics which however are asked in the exam.

4. Now since you know what are the high yield topics that come in the exam and what is the correct answer and why you are 25 percent ready.

5. Then grab a reliable set of notes from Prepladder or any other app and do them thoroughly with markings on those topics which you found in FMGE Solutions book. Repeated listening to topics of high yield like parasitology in microbiology or Electrolyte imbalance in medicine will make you improve your strike rate in this examination. This step is the most important step in your journey for clearing the MCI screening examination. You have now reached 50 percent of journey but wait there is more to punching practice to be done.

6. You will notice that medicine and surgery are the most important subjects of this examination but are most neglected. These two subjects constitute greater than 30 percent of the entire paper and neglecting them means trying to score 150 out of 200 attempted and that is not possible. So do some serious heavy lifting in these two subjects by investing at least one month of your entire medical career listening to Video lectures of Dr Deepak Marwah. This will be a life changing event for you because he will not only teach you murmurs but also teach you how to adjust to your life as a medico and take on everything on the chin from nosy nasty relatives to irritating patients. You will learn golden points that you will use for your entire career.

7. For every-one question that you get correct one question will go wrong due to fatigue or casual reading. Hence you have to attempt all 300 questions as you don’t have negative marking . But absence of negative marking makes students go complacent and hence they start thinking that guess work will start going correct. This is a big mistake and never happens. In fact guess work never works. You have to develop that instinct to get your eyes locked on to the correct answer. This requires systematic training and you can get this from Test and discussion batch conducted by Dr Marwah. This if done completely completes 75 percent of your preparation.

8. However, you must first complete the syllabus and then join live test and discussion. The questions are brand new in every session and choices are very tricky just like in the examination. Attempting and reattempting MCQ of Dr marwah test series will make you start seeing those words that may have been missed in the first reading of same MCQ. Dr Marwah’s live session will help you understand how to read a question under one minute and understand each line to answer the question correctly

9. Solving questions is a skill acquired over time and you will yourself notice that your strike rate is improving after joining Dr Marwah test series.

10. Once done with one reading of all 19 subjects plus MCQ of Dr Marwah Test series you will be top fighter league and ready for main championship battle on the examination day. The next activity you need to do is give mock tests of any platform or DR marwah grand tests. This is the last leg of championship and whatever score you will obtain in this will be very very close to the actual score in the main examination. Giving mock tests is only useful in last one month. Lots of candidates start giving mocks early on leading to poor scores as understanding of all 19 subjects is not there.

For those candidates who will sit for the NEXT exam, remember it will be even more clinically oriented, so it is advisable to learn from top clinicians so that you develop that skill to administer first line treatment and handle cases in your internship.

What is the mode of application of MCI screening test?

It is online and fees can be paid by net banking| credit card| debit card though we would strongly recommend using a Laptop with high-speed internet while filling the form. The website of NMC is not optimized for mobile based form filling and lots of errors can occur and application may not be submitted due to lack of attachment of self pic in the right pixel requirement. Also note that be very careful while filling the Date of birth. It may look funny to you but people have filled up girlfriend/ boy-friend date of birth while filling form and later had to submit affidavit to NMC.

How to fill FMG exam form?

1. Visit nbe.edu.in and click on the tab that says FMGE December 2021

2. It is natural for the site to crash when the forms are out. Don’t fret and keep studying. It will open when the hits to the website will reduce. When income tax portal crash then crashing of server of examination is no big deal. Remember the server has limited capacity and no organization will hire a bigger server for one day rush. The remaining days of the year they have limited traffic. So it is natural to have such crisis in India. Lots of students get emotional and start freaking out. It simply upsets your rhythm. So keep calm and keep trying.

3. Fill up all the pertinent details with special care while filling DOB and university details

4. Recheck all the information before submitting the form as single computer may be used for filling the form by multiple candidates, the autofill feature has to be disabled. Else the details of person who filled the form prior to you might be accidentally filled up and cause lots of emotional trauma.

5. Then fill the fee via UPI or net banking preferably. Once the fees is paid and receipt is generated by the system they cannot deny you to sit in the exam even if DOB or some details are wrongly entered. So relax and send them a mail after one day if you notice discrepancy in your details in the receipt.

6. When you write them an email be polite and explain your point. Don’t expect a reply-back. Sending a mail is sufficient and you are eligible to sit in the exam.

7. Note that candidates who will successfully fill the application process of FMGE will receive a confirmation email on their registered email ID.

8. Use Gmail while filling the form and avoid using Chinese or Russian servers as sometimes mails may bounce and you may miss that critical email from NBE.

FMG Exam pattern

Full name: Foreign medical graduate examination (will be replaced by NEXT)
Conducting body National board of examination
Annual frequency Twice per year. Usually conducted in June and December. June 2020 was delayed due to COVID-19.
Exam level Purely clinical scenarios given. 10 -15 % of examination will be image-based questions. Final edge book on amazon.com is best book for image-based questions in India.
Mode of application Online
Mode of exam Online
Duration of exam Part A: 2.5 hours (Pre and paraclinical subjects with clinical correlation)

Part B: 2.5 hours (Purely clinical subjects)

Language of exam English only
Level of exam Post MBBS level
Cities conducted Varies but usually about 46 cities. If you don’t get your desired city it is advised to go to the allotted city two days in advance so that you can get acclimatized to route to examination center.
Covid restrictions None. Your admit card to the exam is your COVID pass and no police official can stop you from proceeding for examination center. If stopped please be polite to junior officers and explain that you are a doctor to be and are going to give an exam.  Say that you will be serving the country as covid warrior after clearing the exam. They will salute you and smile at you and let you go. Just be polite and respectful as they are doing there duty.

Documents required for FMG exam at examination center

1. FMGE admit card with recent passport size photograph pasted on it
2. A valid photo identity proof (PAN/ Aadhaar/ voter ID/ Passport / License
3. Negative RTPCR report if mentioned in the email must be carried in physical and as well as soft copy and must be shown on being asked on entry to digital ion center of TCS.

FMG examination center: Do and Don’ts

# Staggered entry and dispersal is done so be patient
# You will be required to put on the mask above your nose for entire examination duration. This makes some people feel suffocated. Hence practice giving mock tests with mask on so that you do not loose concentration
# Mask in winter session can also cause frosting of glasses. So be aware of the same and carry a small glasses cleaning muslin cloth so that you do not end up with foggy vision and loose valuable marks
# If your computer hangs, keep cool. The timer will stop, and you will be given extra minutes to complete the examination. This however is subject to soft ware glitches. So we suggest you to avoid making leg movements that may dislodge cables attached to the computer. This has really happened and led to candidate losing rhythm.

FMG 2021 Result

The result will be announced by NBE in pdf format. It will mention roll number and marks obtained out of 300 with remarks like pass/fail mentioned. Only candidates who score 150 marks or more are considered as qualified. They shall then be intimated by email to come to NMC office on a particular date with their documents including passport and attested university documents. Biometrics will be done and registration number given to do internship in India. Only those candidates who pass will be able to download the score cards by entering user ID and password.


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