Students always wonder what are the things that are to be followed and not followed for the preparation of any competitive or qualifying exam. Here, are some do and Don’t that are to follow for FMGE preparation.

Let us start with the do’s first:


  1. List of Topics: Make a list of topics that are important for the exam from FMGE’s perspective. That will save a lot of time during preparation. You can do that by going through ten-year question papers and then make a list.
  2. Schedule: Always have a schedule during preparation. That will help you target all the subjects and help you concentrate on all the important topics. Make sure you schedule time for revision, solve MCQ’S and mock tests. Arrange your topics in such a manner that you cover the topics you are weak in first and then the ones in which you are strong in second.
  3. Multiple Choice Questions: Solve at least 50-100 MCQ’s every day. Solving MCQ’s helps you identify your weak points and topics you need to revise. The best approach is to solve MCQ’s is after you study the theory, that helps you relate the theory to the questions.
  4. Revision: It is a very integral part of your FMGE preparation. Revision helps you to memorize the topics as they get stored in your subconscious memory. It helps you rationalize the information and answer the questions effectively.
  5. Online Mock Test: Try to solve as many Mock tests as you can. Solving Mock tests helps you differentiate the topics you need to work on and the topics you need to revise. Online mock tests help you focus on enhancing your accuracy, reducing mistakes, strengthening your weak areas, time management, and decision-making. While mock test always your intuition. The first answer that comes on to your mind is the right answer most of the times.

Now, let us look into the don’ts


  1. Not Too Many Resources: Don’t go on reading to many study materials or textbooks. Select one book that works for you and stick to it. Never select a book based on other students feedback. Following one resource book keeps you on one track, doesn’t confuse you and cluster your information. Always prepare your own study notes. It makes your preparation easy and helps in reviewing faster before the exam.
  2. Do Not Mug Up: Try to conceptualize and understand. This is medicine and by hearting anything will get you nowhere. It won’t help you apply the knowledge practical.
  3. Don’t Have Doubts: Always clear your doubts. No doubt is stupid. Clearing your doubts time to time helps to understand a topic clearly and easily. The best way to clear your doubts is during lectures. It will help you follow the topic easily.
  4. Don’t Do Only MCQ’s:  Solving only MCQ’s does not help the cause. You need to study the theory so as to answer the multiple choice questions. Studying the theory helps you to relate it practically.  

No Important Topics:

Try to cover all the topics. Every topic has its own importance. There is no such thing as important topics in FMGE. Covering all the topics from all the 19 subjects helps you to make connections among systems simultaneously.

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