Every Indian student with a basic MBBS degree from outside India who wishes to pursue and practice Medicine in India knows that the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) exams are an inevitable part of their journey, and to clear it; you need to have a firm grip of the concepts that form the basics of curing patients.

Now having said that, it is now almost complementary to mention that coaching for the MCI Screening exams is a must-have in today’s competitive scenario.

It’s not only because the level of competition in these screening tests is skyrocketing with every passing year, but also because the upcoming and established coaching facilities like FMGE Solutions Institute brings learning the concepts of Medicine closest to life and make them more accessible and more comprehensive to understand. Thus, they make learning Medicine seem much less hectic than how the mugging up culture today had made it.

There has been a plethora of such coaching institutes that have come up in recent times as the emphasis on coaching for these screening exams has increased with passing the time.

The next question is how to understand which of these coaching facilities suits today’s exam candidates and has adapted itself according to the needs of the current curriculum. To answer this, we need to understand the basic requirements for cracking the exam and the basic framework of preparing for the MCI Screening exam or FMGE.

With the ever-changing and ever-evolving medical education system, it’s important to be well informed about the exam pattern as the question patterns have evolved in recent years, thus making it necessary to adapt and improvise the learning pattern.

By chance, what I mean is-

  • The emphasis has eventually shifted from memory-based learning to logic-based learning;
  • The questions have shifted for one-liner ones mostly to test just your memory too much more detailed and
  • Clinical based questions meant to test your clinical reasoning and logical capabilities.

So just mugging up barely is a criterion now; it’s much more about understanding whatever you learn from its very core, and this is being done aiming at making better doctors out of you. This is where coaching facilities like FMGE Solutions Institute take the front seat.

This institution is a top-rated institute for FMGE preparations founded by Dr. Deepak Marwah himself is a very well-known clinician and a very highly evaluated teacher. He has teaching experience of FMGE aspirants, NEXT/ NEET aspirants, MCI Screening aspirants from all countries for more than 15 years.

He brings to the table a good and clear understanding of the subject along with a very comprehensive representation of all that he teaches in the form of his notes. His experience and expertise in the subject help him give the aspirants an in-depth idea of each topic.

To add to this, along with Dr. Marwah, many teachers teach the subjects who are working every day to make the content more enticing, updated, and to the point.

  • As I already mentioned earlier, the medical education system has evolved and changed a lot from what it used to be even a few years back, and there is a lot more emphasis on a clinical-based approach rather than just knowing facts. So, to ace the screening exams, now the mentality change is a very crucial factor, and the approach plays a very vital role in how you perform in the exam.
  • Critical thinking is vital in making this your reality from just a possibility, and who better to learn how to develop this critical thinking than the very well qualified faculty of the institute who are all very well-established Doctors who have all assembled here in this platform just for their love of teaching.
  • The teachers here have had a lot of real-life scenario experiences are well adept and updated to impart the knowledge in the ideal ways so that the students are ready for anything that comes in their way, be it the FMGE questions that need critical thinking or a critical patient. They will never be left clueless about the approach anymore.

As in this pandemic, offline classes have mostly been cancelled everywhere; therefore, online classes have taken to the front seat and have proved to be pretty productive and cutting.

The FMGE Solutions Institute also, thus, provides a facility for online learning, bringing the same authentic classroom learning experience right to the grips of your hand, be it in your phones or PCs, and the feedback has been just overwhelming.

Being able to impart the knowledge via online classes had made it possible for the institute to reach the students even in the pandemic and saved them from a huge loss of time.

  • The online form of learning being imparted via the app is designed in a very student-friendly way.
  • Its users can easily navigate through the app without any complications and feed themselves with the necessary materials as per their schedule.
  • The availability of abundant and precise material makes this app stand out from all other similar platforms present.
  • Moreover, there is a variety of content present, varying from live lectures to test and discussion sessions to question banks, and the list goes on.

Thus, the students learning from the app can stay free of a monotonous schedule as there are various options to choose from and switch between when boredom sets in.

Each of these various features is well elaborated and is designed in a way that helps in developing the needed approach for the aspirant.

One of the highlighted parts of the platform is the Test and Discussion sessions for FMGE or MCI Exam; they are sessions by Dr. Marwah where he solves question papers with questions similar to the pattern of FMGE and other such exams and discusses the way of solving them with the students while explaining in depth the approach and not just the answers.

This helps the students to have a clear idea about how to approach and not just a vague ambiguity about the answer. Moreover, the availability of live lectures and test and discussion sessions makes it pretty ideal for distant learning students.

Now it’s vital to understand that preparation for the current format of the MCI screening exams with new question patterns cannot be done using question papers of previous years since it would just be a waste of time.

Thus, you need to select the platform that has updated itself to the latest patterns and is ready to provide you with a teaching plan that is both comprehensive and precisely matches your needs for the new pattern exams.

Unlike quite a few other platforms, the FMGE Solutions Institute online platform matches this criterion.

It is guaranteed to provide the learning you need, both for the FMGE and making you a successful Doctor.

This app gives you the liberty to learn authentically updated information from teachers experienced in the field and adept with the latest patterns, thus providing authentic references.

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