1. You are staying in comfort of your home and studying just like a live class. Note Coaching classes will be for few hours in first 2 months as they have multiple batches and then they will put full day classes in end when self-study is to be done. In summary coaching classes they are doing everything opposite of what should be done. Most students experience this by wasting six months of precious career to attending for 2 months and then freaking out in the end and stop attending classes. To cover coaching will say only 13 subjects are important. You are not foolish to buy that. They are charging full fees and then give only fewer subjects.

2. The course is finished on time at least one month before exam as online schedule is fixed and declared in advance.

3. You avoid the harsh Indian Summer and notorious Hostel food made of substandard material. Ask those who wasted six months since they fell sick for a week or so. Recovery takes time and you are not a robot who can get up immediately after a illness.

4. You can ask doubts online which teacher will solve at the end of class. This feature is not used by most students in coaching due to shyness or hassle of going over to teacher after class. Mostly teacher will be also in rush to complete next batch so may not devote enough time to solve your doubt.

5. In case of bad health or person problem you miss a class, you cannot do anything about it. In this programme you can attend the class as per your convenience. Suppose you are very sleepy on a day or having a migraine then you can watch the class after head ache has subsided without compromising on understanding of topics

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