Steps to be Followed in Month Number 1-4 of Preparation

1. Once you have gone through subject wise notes and attempt questions in book you will realise that questions are not getting solved easily. Most answers will go wrong or you may not be aware of the aspect of subtopic asked. This is because most coaching notes are incomplete. It is this gap that the book will fulfill. This Book provides crisp explanations that help you rule out options and select the best answer.

2. Make subject combinations to avoid getting bored like surgery with anatomy, medicine and radiology, Pharmacology with anaesthesia and Microbiology with PSM infections and vaccinations part. This will help you interlink subjects also. To finish entire 1000 plus pages of book it will at-least 3-4 months of daily 6 hours of study @10 pages per day.

3. Most important Summary Tips points at the End of book are must go through in last 2 months of examination as it compressed medical curriculum at a glance providing most important points for cracking this examination.
Steps to be followed with in Month number 4 to 6 of preparation

4. Assuming 4 months have been used up reading the book and attending live classes/online classes. Now is the time to Listen to Video test and discussion in the fifth month which will cover entire subject summary in 5-6 hours. This will fast track your preparation and now you will be able to relate both the book and app videos. You will have schedule the test each 2-3 day to complete each subject. 19 subjects will take minimum 38 days

5. Last 15 days of examination are to ensure a good sleep of at least 8-10 hours to let the neurons absorb all that information. Now only subjects which have cramming like anatomy nerves or branches of arteries, SPM health programmes, IPC in FSM, Culture media in Microbiology and Image based questions at end of FMGE solutions are to be practiced.

Good luck and keep hammering!!

Note: The calculations are done under assumption that you have 6 months before the MCI Screening test.

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