Indian Doctors are providing the best medical care at 1/10th of cost of procedures in America or Europe. To get into this Elite club of Doctors who are in demand everywhere from Australia to Europe or UAE you have to start preparing early. The Early bird always get the worm

1. Subscribe to live classes of FMGE Solutions Institute from 3rd year and start listening to subjects on the go. The process is cheaper and is available at your convenient time and disposal. Example you could be learning a topic while relaxing in lounge of airport or college library without having to travel to class site.

2. Then start using Retro method of studying which helps to get used to Though process of professors who frame the FMGE question paper. Get Hold of FMGE solutions book from amazon and start doing questions daily. Obviously, it will look very daunting but reading explanations will help you focus on aspects that matter. FMGE Solutions is the most revered book on MCI examination and contains entire database of questions asked in last 5 years on a changed pattern. Start doing 50 questions daily in retro

3. Once done with 2 steps in 3th and 4 year you are having a basic idea of medical curriculum of India. Now Start Doing Video Test and discussion videos weekly one subject. Start with weakest subject like anatomy or pharmacology.

4. Give at least 1 full month to Medicine and Surgery each to cover more than 100 questions in paper 2. Paper 2 is the game changer for MCI Screening test or the proposed NEXT examination. Every one does well in paper one while paper 2 goes bad due to mental stress and mental fatigue. Doing test series teaches you to overcome this fatigue and develop hunger for knowledge

5. Recorded classes become monotonous after 2nd or 3rd week and is used mostly by repeaters. Doing live face to face class is only for those who have done these basic steps else people stop going to classes 45 days before examination as course is not completed and end up in 130-140 score. Wasting 6 months is a huge economic and Emotional setback.

Compliance with these steps is a time test algorithm designed by academician and top physician Dr Deepak Marwah.

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